Milwaukee Avenue Trumps the Tollway

Increasingly, Milwaukee Avenue is becoming the preferred office location in Southern Lake County, Illinois as a result of its rich mix of amenities and superior labor pool access. While some clients and even brokers not familiar with the area initially gravitate toward locations adjacent to the Tri-State Tollway, once they better understand the market they focus on the Class A buildings from Lake Cook Road to Illinois Route 60, which comprise the Milwaukee Avenue Office Corridor. The advantages of these locations are twofold. First, these properties offer immediate proximity to over a hundred restaurants, more than a dozen hotels, vibrant shopping, full-service health clubs, nightlife, golf courses and day care centers.  Second, the Milwaukee Avenue locations offer superior access to the Western / Central Lake and McHenry County labor pool to the west while maintaining convenient 4 lane access for the executives living in the lakefront communities to the east.  Foremost amongst these developments are the Lincolnshire Corporate Center and The Corporate Woods, which offer close to 6 million square feet of space on their large, amenity-rich, corporate campuses.